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Sword of Kings


Hey followers. All of you. Like, all 106 of you. Buy this album. Support an amazingly talented artist. Love this music.

Court of Leaves by Erutan released 3 days ago, find it on iTunes ^.^

TRACK NAME: Quen A Omagen
ALBUM TITLE: The Court of Leaves
ARTIST: Erutan
TIMES PLAYED: 242 plays


Quen A Omagen | The Court of Leaves | Erutan 

Cover Artwork by Daniel Priego.



In Twilight Princess, Ganondorf had a pretty awesome crown setup going.  I wanted to capture the look and feel of the whole piece and translate it to something a little more useful.  Sure, the crown’s cool and all, but getting your hair to go along with it?  Way more intensive.

So I came up with this.  5 rings, wrist cuff, and matching hand plate.  It might not be the Triforce of Power, but it’ll look just as good on your left hand.  More than fit for a god-king, or the puppetmaster of the Twilight Realm, I’m super, super pleased with how it turned out.

Woah!!! i want!!!


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The workers at a junkyard in China decided to get creative by making giant Transformer statues from the junk metal.


 The junkyard is now a famous tourist attraction.


WoW-Rise Of The Horde-Durotan by Quadratic


Requestream #3: Trollin’!

Despite the fact that I drew three trolls, the theme of this stream wasn’t Warcraft trolls, but rather trollin’ as in, well…trolling. I asked people to give me their characters and I did whatever I wanted with them.

Thanks to all that came out! I am sorry it was short and I didn’t have time for more art, but I promise a continuation with the same theme because it was really fun!

Characters belong to yggdrasillife, bellastuff, and bundleoftrolls.





ok, this person does some choice aliens. Go check this person out, seriously.

As someone trying to design a bushel of aliens for a setting, Zarnala makes me want to build a shrine in their name and leave them sacrifices for inspiration.